The Road Ahead

There are few things more pleasurable than hot cup of coffee when you come home drenched to the bone in the monsoons. Its raining in Pune? and we do not have a car. So every morning is an epic adventure on the roads of Pune, with your truly navigating the potholes wrapped in sheets of plastic.

I have been away too long. Too many things on my mind, a lot of uncertainty? and I found no desire to put those thoughts on paper which I might not believe in the very next day.

I returned to India sooner than expected? personal reasons. And once back, I decided that nothing makes me happier than going around the roads wrapped in sheets of plastic avoiding potholes?? long as I have a home to return to. I went to the USA less than a month after we moved into our new flat? I never really had time to enjoy living in a space I called my own.

Thus started, the quest for moving into something that kept me in India? and yet offered me a fulfilling role. I shifted my role within the same company, a role less glamorous than my last one. But honestly, its been 2 months now, and I have only felt better about my decision.

Gradually, things have started falling into place. I am now well on my way towards doing something I had always wanted to do.. teaching. I have decided to take up lectures at local institutes on a part time basis?. Not that I have too much to share… I lack in depth, but I intend to make it up with enthusiasm. My first lecture at a college of repute is scheduled on the coming weekend? I am excited and nervous at the same time. There are a couple of other lectures at other institutes lined up later this month? keeping me busy for the weekends to come.

This is turning out to be a very personal post, I have never written so much about my own self in any of the posts !

So some years down the line, maybe when I turn 35? I plan to make a career shift? with 10 years of corporate experience, and perhaps by then, a PhD, I intend to make a fulltime shift to teaching.

Sounds self indulgent and maybe a bit naﶥ?

But for far too long in my life I have done what is socially correct and sensible. What makes more sense and conforms to conventions. And for far too long I have ignored what I really wanted to do?.

That?s another story that if I actually did that, I would have been an English Teacher at the University of Lucknow taking evening walks in the old markets places making dinner out of Kebabs and Parathas

I do not regret the choices that have shaped me and my career so far, just that, I do not want to live my life becoming ?Just? a Corporate Manager with money and fancy titles? and little else.

I want a life that is about me, not which company I work for, or how much do I make every year, or how many countries I have traveled to.

Is this really such a difficult thing to do?

Maybe it is? and maybe, its not !

I guess I will take the chance?

Comments from the past:

21 Aug 2006, 3:19pm

I’m sure you’ll get there. Good Luck!

2 Sep 2006, 11:51am

i am sure students must be enjoin your lectures…
i m eagerly waiting to read more about your experiences in this new road… 😉