What a day…

An amazing day today… no emergencies to talk about. things happening in the manner planned, people looking generally relaxed. Everything where it should properly be… my boss in his cubicle, my PM on leave, the cash in the bank, and the beer in the fridge. What more can a man ask for…

There is something absolutely divine about a lethargic day at office.. especially if yesterday had been the day when God looked at you in the morning and smirked to himself… “Lets play around a bit with the laddie shall we”

So Yesterday… I got up late (Vestige of Sunday Night at Escape).. missed the office bus and coughed up a substantial amount to the autowalla who conveniently did not have any change… Was late for a meeting, and ended up messing up a client invoice. Had three deliverables with due dates mentions as “ASAP” (How I hate that acronym)…. and to top it all, the coffee vending machine decided to do a ‘Titanic’….

By evening I had a headache… but had to take a session on something as useless as ‘Software Quality Assurance’ for my team…. they slept in the chairs while i yakked away… absolute torture for both the sides i guess..

Understandably… when I returned to my lonely abode I was pretty irritable… and then… my fiancee called. To say the least, I was not at my civil best with her… and so ended up spending the next one hour trying to somehow apologise.

Had it not been for my Rum and Apple Juice.. I would have been dead today…

But today…. ah today is one of those perfect days when you feel like smiling at everyone… even at the chowkidar of your society who promptly locks the gate every night at Eleven… and raises a huge hullabaloo when you come back from some midnight excursion… Sigh… Its a wonderful world…


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