Shooting Stars…

A long long time back… when I had been in school… there had been this band called ‘Silk Route’. And their first album…’Boondein’ was pure magic. Finally, we thought … we have an Indian band worth the name. Me and my friends sang its songs on stage…. and togther dreamt of the cold waters of the mountain rivers kissing the verdant banks. Another album later… Silk Route seemed to have disappeared. I still see them… sometimes… on some obscure award ceremony or the other. They had been good. Now we have Rabbi…’Bulla ki jana’. Hope this one stays…

It is fascinating the way music can bring back memories… ‘Pehla Nasha’ will always remain the first song I sang to someone…. or that lullaby from ‘Masoom’ will forever be sung by my mother. ‘Summer of 69’ shall always be the song which would ignite every dying party at Symbi…

Govinda’s ‘meri pant bhi…’ was the one i danced to when they ragged me in college.. .. and ‘Sunaina’ by Yeshudas, was the song the busdriver played again and again on that long ago trip to Nainital…

Somethings never change, whatever be the city or however old you might become…. Thank God !


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