An Axe Through My Skull…

There is that pain again… creeping stealthily from somwhere around the middle of my spine… converging to form a solid column forcing its way up the base of my neck, digging its pointers through my brain….

Pretty graphic huh ! Some would say Gross ! As usual…

A headache. Painfully similar over the years…. comes back to haunt me on never ending journeys, sleepless nights and hungry afternoons. Makes me realise how I miss having those special people around.

Through my graduation as well as my PG, I always found myself surrounded by people willing to ,literally, lend a helping hand; give my head that lingering, relaxing massage.

There had been the tall strapping Joshi, a junior of mine at the Engineering College. His technique was more to do with brute strength than anything else. For him…. if it did not make enough noise.. it wasn’t a good champi. It had been Joshi who introduced me to the magnificent ‘Navratan Tel’…. ‘thanda thanda cool cool ‘ aaah….

Time passed.. as it generally does and I found myself in an institute with a higher than normal share of helpful ladies.
Luckily, I too found some…. with quite strong hands I might add.

First there had been Pallo, the pet of our entire group of friends. Always game for a snack in the evening and shopping on afternoons hot enough to keep even scandals inside. Among other things… she has/ had this beautful trait….. All you had to do was to position your head somewhere close to her hands…. (eg, sit a bit lower than her on the staircase… sit on the ground if she is on a chair… do a head-down if she is on the same bench as you are )…. and sooner than later… you will find her unconsciously rubbing your head….. Lovely as it can be….. just had to remember not let her know that you are enjoying it too much… she could have stopped… sometimes did.

Shruti… large, sweet and friendly Shruti… they do not make girls like her anymore. Strength was visible at the first glance… physically capable and mentally devastating. Sometimes she used to decend from her academic perch to mingle with mortals like us. Shruti, was ‘THE’ authority on ‘ How to Give a Head Masage’….. strong fingures with a gentle touch. … forming patterns and trails on your forehead and scalp . Your hair being pulled, gently being nudged at the roots. The trace of your spine being tracked down your neck.. to diverge on your shoulder blades for a parting rub. Shruti… you were the best !

Well and somewhere around had been the girl am getting married to in June… she was never too keen on matrial stuff like a head massage… but did it anyway… still does in fact.

Now … alone at Hyderabad.. guess its time to head towards the nearest men’s salon ~


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