Getting it right

I mean what more can I guy want. I wanted to be an engineer and I became one. I wanted to study business and went to one of the finer colleges in the country. Fell madly in love with a batchmate and asked her to marry me…… and she agreed. Guess thats when things became decidedly hot for me. Not that I mind being married in the next three months ( she also read this blog you see)… but its the thought of it all happening a bit too soon. Last year, in March… I had been happily dozing in classes.. day dreaming. The longest term my plans had ever spanned never went beyond the current evening out in Pune !

A lot has changed since…. well a bit of background. I am a northindian she is not. She is a brahmin I am not. I am a non vegetarian she is not. She is lovely and I am scared.

Well… for a long time I pestered her to broach the subject with her family. How pompous I had been…. full of bravado. A week before my birthday… she actually told her dad. So.. I spent my birthday weekend sitting in a Volvo… dozing all the way to Mumbai, and eventually found myself facing my own FIL ( thats father-in-law)

And since then… life has not been the same again. Its bad to have in-laws at 25… even potential ones. More so… if your marriage has become a definite date rather than a remote distant probability.

Now I seem to hold back on that third Large one at the pub…. sort of brings a contemplative mood in cigarette smoke. I always planned to buy a car before I married… wanted one of those ‘Lamba’ wala models… now that the decision is 90 days away.. guess will setlle for an Alto. My beer belly is troubling me now.. I have been told that you wear only a Dhoti when they marry you off the Tamil way…. and there I will be… my private rotundity exposed to the world.

Suddenly, my carefree spending is not so carefree anymore.. the prospect of flying bothways for my honeymoon seems quite daunting…. honestly… I hate the fact that my singlehood so treasured is about to end… and trust me so does my fiancee.

Well marrying your best friend can be a fine motivation indeed… but here is a passing toast to all that had been.. but would never be again… Cheers !!

Comments from the past:
Portuguese Man-Of-War
17 Mar 2005, 6:00pm

Nice blog. Wonder how I missed it.

17 Mar 2005, 7:15pm

Thanks a lot man !

arun chandra
17 Mar 2005, 9:36pm

afeter eating a substandard, brahminical keema kaleji, i was thinking, about morning …and suddenly i read your article….this is more than the sweet dish (which the host, so cunningly did not serve)…pyaar to you chottu

19 Mar 2005, 11:51am

Congrats. Someday (not in the near future) I want to be doing what you are.

23 Mar 2005, 10:55am

Well Jaszalcatraz , all the best for the same.. May the Force be with you.. till then Cheers !


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