The Trip

We studied in an old old school in Lucknow, so old that the scratches on the wooden desktops were probably made by our grandfathers in knickerbockers. We had been a group of around 90 boys? divided neatly into three sections ( A, B & C ) and five houses ( No I will not name them)? when were ushered amidst tears and farewells to our first day at school.

Over the years to come, several left, many more joined us? but there was our group of around 30 odd boys.. who never really left Colvin ( That?s the name of the school). And, we 30 really took pride in being the ?Originals?.. so much so that anyone who had ever seen the insides of any other school? was deemed a little less ?Colvinian?.. Guess we must have been one the stupidest bunch of snobs around.

Anyway, so most of us classmates, not all of us friends obviously managed to finish off our twelve years of schooling and pushed off to wherever our destinies took us.

Its been 8 years since I passed out. I had gone home for Holi this month, after years I was there in the same colony where I grew up. Little did I know, that I was not the only one.

Twenty three, yes, that was the number of my class mates who met up at Lucknow this Holi. It was unbelievable, improbable, unplanned and simply wonderful.

For a day we were all back in school, arguing over long lost cricket matches and long forgotten girlfriends. A guy who I shared my lunchbox with now runs a huge textile business, a couple of them were completing their MDs, most like me, were already entrenched in the 24×7 schedule. A guy who is now a Captain in the army, turned out to be posted in Hyderabad for more than a year?. We had never been really thick in school, but have met almost every evening since we have returned from Lucknow.

It is almost magical, the way some feelings remain the same. It?s a bit of a shock when you realize that the guy you threw spitballs at is now a grown up man? but then?. So am I ?.

Comments from the past:
5 Apr 2005, 10:00pm

Just as I was thinking’Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be’,I stumble upon your post and trust me,it really made me nostalgic.:D good post m8.


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