Bamboo Rice & Hakka Noodles…

Generous amounts of rice, glistening with a smooth coating of oil… slivers of black mushroom, juicy and fragrant, chunks of diced chicken and celery…. all steamed together in a column of woody bamboo…. the result? Bamboo rice…..A smooth smoky taste that takes you straight to a gourmet’s paradise.

Caeser is dead ! Long live Caeser !!

People, Nanking has been dethroned as the reigning favorite from my list of Chinese eateries. Welcome, “The Chinese Pavillion”… a small restaurent tucked away in a basement at Panjagutta. A bit difficult to locate… its easy for you to pass by without even realising the what delicacies lie hidden just a stairwell away.

The first thing that strikes you when you enter the restaurant… is the easy ambiance. Lighting is neither dull nor garishly bright… just the right amount of cheerful brightness for an enjoyable meal. The sitting arrangements are adequate for a small group to retain their own space.
But perhaps, it is the service that sets this place apart from the rest. Attentive, quick and unobtrusive…. a combination that is well, pretty hard to find.

I have been to “The Chinese Pavillion” twice… whithin a space of less than a week. Most of their dishes are great…. but honestly, the ‘Bamboo rice’ has to be eaten to be believed.

The prices are reasonable and the portions adequate. At the end of the meal, you feel… fulfilled.
And yes, the “Honey Noodles with Icecream” is all that a dessert should be.. rich, small and quickly finished.
So here is a toast.. to a place that makes eating out a Real Joy !!

Comments from the past:
Porttuguese Man-Of-War
15 Dec 2004, 5:48pm

CP is my favorite, too! Join the club!

15 Dec 2004, 8:32pm

Will second that!


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