Geography anyone ???

Born in Allahabad, educated in Lucknow, graduation in Uttaranchal, Post graduation in Maharashtra, first job in Andhra Pradesh, working for a company headquartered in Karanataka, serving a client based in the US, part of a project being executed across 38 countries around the globe, getting married to a tamilian in Bombay…

Geography !….. whats that ??

Comments from the past:

15 May 2005, 7:30pm

man..arn’t u lucky?
btw,I thot ‘musafir hoon yaaro’ would have been more apt for the ‘current music’column.newayzhave fun and keep blogging!

16 May 2005, 10:06am

Well the ‘Music’ is the rate we bill our client 😉
After all someone has to pay for you to go around the world !

16 May 2005, 4:17pm

ok..thats the music your client is facing!LOL!:D:D


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