The Tree

So here I am? Resting in peace in Pune for the last twenty days. In a hotel at a place called Deccan? surrounded by the commercial triangle of the city.

The best thing about Pune is that you take a few steps away from a main road to a side lane and suddenly? life seems to slow down. Old Parsi homes? two storeyed bungalows with the Patriarch in white clothes sitting on the porch fanning himself? Lack of time? Hmmmm

The day goes by the way it usually does, it?s the night that makes you feel all unstuck. She will be in Pune by the end of this month, till then its all a bit of a bore.

In a way I feel kind of proud ?. Having joined the tribe of the traveling professional, of flickering images on late night TV, starched room service and pints of beer for company? sort makes you feel all so ?. Mature??

Amidst all its lonely gloom, the room has a redeeming feature? the view.

My room, being on the fifth floor and the hotel being on a bit of a higher ground; commands a fairly expansive view of Pune. But more than what lies in the distance it is what lies right in front of my window that interests me.

There is a huge Gulmohar tree in front of my window? taller than the hotel building itself and probably older so. A Gulmohar tree is beautiful in any case.. now add the fact that this one is in full bloom at the moment.

Every morning the first sight I see is the undulating swaying of branches covered with fiery blooms right outside my window? sort of makes me feel at home.

Back home? somewhere in dusty old Lucknow, there are Gulmohar trees that I planted, not alone, but along with the girl next door.

Guess they too must be blooming now?.

Comments from the past:

13 May 2005, 3:54pm

Pune does have an old world charm about it.I was amazed to see Pantaloons in a building that had prolly been built in the 1920s. Parking seems to be a perennial problem there ..but it is a neat little city ..:)

13 May 2005, 4:44pm

Yes Sir, Pune is charming. You should walk around the area behind MG road… some really old and pretty buildings there !


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