Homeward Bound

Ain’t I lucky ? Am going home tomorrow… for a complete week. Its been more than a year since I visited my hometown.. Lucknow. And now, as I contemplate the visit, I realise how much I have missed it.

Guess everyone feels the same way about their hometowns… the streets more familiar than the one you live at today, the food tasting somewhat a bit better than what you usually have, and yeah, the slumber that little bit extra deep late into the morning.

Its a surreal feeling to sleep in the room that used to be mine. The vestiges of my childhood still adorn the walls… framed posters of some European footballers, my badminton racquet, the study table where I laboured for ages over the Unitary method. Its almost like stepping back in time… as the cliche’ goes.

Its been six years since I left my home.. first for studies and now the job, but every trip back home drenches you with memories. The last time I left my home.. I had still been the typical student. A backpack on my back and little cash in my pocket…and yes, all the bloody time in the world. Now, it will be a bit different. Cannot wait to take my old friends out on a treat.. for the first time on MY money… or make an offering at that dear old temple beside the river Gomti…

Guess nostalgia is a pleasure best enjoyed with someone who shares those memories… else it becomes a ramble…

Comments from the past:
23 Mar 2005, 11:52am

Home is where many restless hearts find peace! Funnily its the beginning and also the end of a journey.

— A dialogue in some movie …just remembered it.

Nice post and nicer blog 🙂

23 Mar 2005, 1:43pm

Hmm; so does it mean that quest for peace ends where it actually began?
Anyway, thanks for the compliment ! Really means a lot…

23 Mar 2005, 10:35pm


a symbi guy too, out here on the blogs.
lemme say wat evry1 else is sayin…wonder how i missed this one :p

duly bookmarked.



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