Au Revoir Hyderabad

I am leaving Hyderabad.

Before we get married, both my fianc饠and me are taking transfers to Pune? the only place where our respective companies intersect. To be honest, it hurts. For the last eleven months I had been, well almost, a Hyderabadi.

Hyderabad? is like an old shoe? it is comfortable, familiar, fits you just right and you really do not want to ever get rid of it?.

What a place, what a darn good city?. The food, the people, the huge Chiranjeevi posters, the Irani Chai, the Osmani Biscuits, The chicken biryani, the haleem at Ramadan, The Golkonda sound and light show, the recitals at Taramati Baradari, the dosa seller on a bicycle at the tank bund, the Birla temple?.. the Hussain Sagar and an evening just sitting at Eat-Street.. overlooking the water?.

The hours of browsing at Walden?s, the Book Market at Abids on Sunny Sunday Afternoons?. The Lion King on Imax?. The Guitar Shops on SD Road? the rocky terrain at Kondapur, the Marble figurines at the Birla Temple? that crowd of people, talking into cell phones?. Marveling at a clock made centuries ago at the Salarjung.

The Jooti shops at Charminar? displaying rows and rows of colorful shoes? the air permeated with the small of shoe-wax?

The pink chunks of watermelon, sitting on translucent white slabs of ice? the Golden borders of Silk Sarees? housed in the showrooms the size of aircraft hangars,? yellow autos with green seats and blue ribbons?.

The evening when me and her were caught unawares by a shower of rain beside the Hussain Sagar? or the day when we had that fabulous party at Alankrita Resort.

The night when a very drunk me sang ?When you say nothing at all? at the TDS Karaoke? my last landlord who offered me a plate of kebabs on Eid?

My first job and hell?. My first salary?. …

The day I discovered the Price of a diamond ring? and still convinced myself to buy it !

The day my father and me discovered that dingy little kebab shop at Charminar? and proceeded to make the most of it.

Memories, memories and yet, some more…

My connecting with Hyderabad is not yet over? the division I work for in my company is headquartered in this city? however, come next week, I will no longer have a correspondence address here.

?Random Ramblings? will continue, just that the rambler is moving on?.

Comments from the past:

20 Apr 2005, 7:30pm

all ze very best in this leg of your life’s journey..:) hope you have just as much of everything nice as you’ve had so far…:)

have fun mayte..keep rambling..:D

once a hydi, always a hydi..:D



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