Time Pass .. written on December 11, 2004

I always used to think that blogging was what worthless loafers or internet junkies or bored IT professionals used to resort to…..I added the last category, coz it was my fiance who introduced me to the same,and he is in one of those seriously high flying IT jobs with an awe inspiring designation that mystifies you completely as to the actual nature of the job.(Now i know wat he does 🙂 anyway i read his entries, and found that it could actually be an interesting thing to try out.So, here i am, making my first attempt at writing a blog! i wonder what prompts people to write blogs…I mean do all bloggers feel that they have something of great import to convey to the world?( I should stop right now if so !) I don’t really write regularly even though i like to…nor do i maintain a diary…i simply put down words as and when i feel like on whatever i can get my hands on at that moment- the last page of an economics notebook , a scrap of paper, whatever.Somehow a blog could never contain one of those spontaneous off-the-cuff thoughts that cloud your brain and refuse to go until you pen it down,can it? A blog is more of a write-to-let-it-out thing, an examination of inconsequential things that happen in your daily life.Or is it?Is there a feeling of release that you derive from it?After all i am simply a first-time blogger.
It seems blog is actually derived from weB Log.It also apparently is going to be added to the Oxford & websters dictionaries by the year 2005, probably alongwith CTM (Chicken Tikka Masala… really !)
This is enough for a first entry i think…(i can hear whoops of joy!) ..so until next time…(ha!)


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