Summer Days are here

Summer time!

The end of exams, & the promise of long days of fun..

You won’t hear me complaining about the sun


Summer time!

End of exams, beginning of holidays

Long afternoons & even longer evenings

Board games, made up games, badminton, & truant play


Summer is Mangoes!

Raw Mango pickle & cool curd rice

Mango shake, Mango ice cream, Aam ras – & paying the price!


Chilled Melons , ganne ka ras

Driving mom crazy till she gets vexed


Summer is my Birthday!

A shower of new clothes & gifts & love


Summer is reading (novels)! , undisturbed by homework

Lending Libraries & visits to the bookshop

Reading every second of the day

That I am not playing, or sleeping or eating!


About Secret Islands & Faraway Trees,

Murder mysteries, & tales of chivalry



Summer is that visit to my hometown!

Cousins, aunts & uncles, grandparents

Lots of noise & food & joy!


Its summer time!


Now that I am grown up & working & responsible (at least I say so 🙂 ) its somewhat different –

Summer is work, work & no respite

Heat, perspiration & no lights!


How perspective changes when you grow up….Which is why I still like to associate summer with the colours & feelings when I was young…& carefree!


I do love summer !


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