Life is beautiful…


Clouds swirl around sky scrapers outside my window. A gray sky and a teary eyed window pane is not exactly an embodiment of happiness.


A R Rehman playing in the background, dim lighting all over the place… and here I am

typing away on a laptop placed on a dining table serving as my working station…. At peace with myself, and happy without reason.


Its been a month since I came to Chicago. A city I am yet to embrace and make my own, however, the city in its own way has touched me, not once but several times.


Perhaps, I did overlook the people living their lives amidst the sky scrapers, or the lovers

embracing in the numerous mechanically manicured lawns. Perhaps, I did chose to ignore the joy in a beautifully crafted concert in a park shaded by the tallest buildings I have ever seen. Perhaps I did.


Yet, somehow, I like the anonymity this city affords me. Chicago is a riot of colors. I am

not the only brown, or yellow or black or white guy in the neighborhood. No one notices me, as Indians are the largest ethnic group in town. I don’t have to explain my origins, which apart from taking away some pretty interesting ice-breakers, is also a relief !


On a rainy day like today, I can safely say, that life is beautiful. Is there more to life than knowing that there is a family you can count on, a wife who knows you like no one else can, a career you can chose to change, and a future filled only with hope.


It has taken a while to get here, it surely has. From being a teenager without a mother

telling him that its ok to be imperfect, to being a guy who chooses to see the positive side

of things… always. I have come a long way.


This is a selfish post. As selfish as ponderings in blogosphere can ever be !


At times, you want to kneel down and thank someone for whatever you have. And hold the hands and thank everyone who chose to share a part of their lives in order to straighten up your screwed up adolescent world. And just try and be whatever you need to be, to those who make your home coming worthwhile, when you return after being away for months.


Its a blessed life indeed. To know that you are loved, and are capable of loving back. To

have created memories that you know are not cherished just by you. And to realize, that things seem to have taken on a habit on only becoming better as you grow older.


Life is perhaps, a reflection of whom you are surrounded with. From the loyal friendships in college to the trust and security of being married… my life has been given wings by those around me. And if you are lucky enough to know the people I know and share my life with, you would also agree,.. that my life is indeed, beautiful…


One thought on “Life is beautiful…

  1. teared up i did… ‘To know that you are loved, and are capable of loving back.’- poignant , profound.. touched my heart and i am sure would pull at the heart strings of anyone reading this post… it is what everyone searches for, even if they deny it upfront. 🙂
    I love it! Keep writing more on these lines please…

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