My Best Friend’s Wedding

She and I started off as roomies in college. Cliched as it sounds, we couldn’t be more different. She is as outgoing as I am reserved. She calls a spade a spade where I might just keep mum. While music is emotion for me, she is indifferent to it. While I would any day prefer to read than talk, she is exactly the opposite.
But then friendship isn’t really an outcome of analysis, is it? You either click with someone or you don’t. You meet so many people, talk to so many people…while most drift away, a few remain and slowly etch themselves as an integral part of your lives….

So it was with us. I am perfectly comfortable telling her anything…without fear of judgment.Making plans always, she is my Idea buddy.

She is my willing accomplice in all things stupid, and impulsive & fun! If it’s a t shirt I want to paint.. or get drenched in the rain…I know she will join me. I remember our numerous walks to eat Mango Dollies..and drink chai at the tapri…and make ambitious plans to buy & redesign all the houses on our way…

Memories abound…Driving on a rented bike on a hot summer afternoon, gorging on water melons and fighting over a seed spitting contest…Our long chats into the night …sneaking upto the terrace to watch the stars…Visiting a pub for the first time …and together going through the embarrassment & thrill of being in a hitherto forbidden place by ourselves! And on our walk back to college when we pretended to be drunk, singing aloud together on the deserted streets (no, we were not drunk 🙂 )
I know there is some one I can always count on when I want to trek up unexplored paths…go parasailing with me, some one who will love the idea of tree houses ( 🙂 ) & camp fires like I do and dream crazy dreams with me…

Well she is getting married this week and will soon move to another city. With marriage will come a different set of priorities & responsibilities & I don’t know how often it will be possible for us to meet…or even talk but the emotional impractical fools that we are – we have already started making plans for get togethers in the months & years to come ( I remember the plan we made where she comes in with her 5 kids in tow and the 6th on the way 🙂 ) I will be going for her wedding .But between the bustling wedding preparations & the swish of lehangas & jewellery , the pull of relatives, between maintaining proprieties & the plethora of rasms & festivities , I don’t know if i will be able to convey more than a hug and an inadequate wish…

So, Pallavi, this one was for you & for our dosti

I wish you a fantastic life ahead with Abhishek & hope you weave crazy dreams together & share the joy of seeing them come true…

Love, Always.


10 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. Rads, you could not have been more elaborate yet succinct; in describing that beautiful bond 2 women friends can share.And I could actually feel the love … seeping through your words and the sentiments that you expressed here!

    Well written… touche

    And Here is my Best Wishes to Pallavi and her Fiance. Have a Blessed life together! 🙂

  2. hey thanks a lot Coretta..I will really miss her once she shifts 😦
    Btw, you are now declared a privileged member of our blog, we can depend on u to keep commenting. You, and my brother who I browbeat into leaving one 🙂

  3. Excuse me? Browbeat me? Ahem. Drunk and dancing on the road eh? Wait till I tell ma 🙂 Have fun @ the wedding and get me some food&snax too 🙂 And read my new post.

  4. oye all is good drinking …. dancing on streets (you tapori) … I know that Ashish ji would be regularly giving you regular dose of water mixed with heavenly water…. sahi raaste pe hai re bedu…

  5. Hey thanks a lot Radhika….u could not have been better in writing about our friendship…i really love the bond that we share even though when we are soooooooooooooo different……
    i will miss u tooo…..& love u always……….

  6. Great post; it is such friends that make life so much more richer. BTW, seeing the title of this post, I began reading it thinking the author was a guy, and wondering how it would end! 🙂

    And thanks to Ashish for visiting my blog. Appreciate the comments.

  7. Great post , I truly understand the kind of friendship you and pallavi would have shared. Wishing her a happy married life .. May your friendship always grow 🙂

  8. What a sweet post. It is really nice to see that you have maintained your friendship over the years. Reminded me of my best friend in college who was the total opposite of me.

    Oh.. and I hope you were joking about the 5 kids.

  9. Shantanu,
    I tred reading it the way u did, thinking its written by a guy, and must say- it gave the whole thing a whole new angle 🙂

    Shalini & Vamsee, thank u for ur comments. Vamsee, the 5 kids had started u as a joke- but i guess only time will tell eh? 🙂

  10. You reminded me of my friend too… It so happens that when we read something like this, cant help but go back and look into our lives and think about the same things happening in our lives too… I swear nothing can be compared with those days of college, having fun all the time.. and saving every 10 rs too for buying candies… then I dint have money to lavishly spend but i have priceless memories with friends.. Now we can spend without having second thoughts, but everyone is busy.. We need to check with everyone and keep postponing to have one meeting!!!! Life…

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