Yes we can…

First Black President of the United States…Yes we can.

Iran.Afghanistan.Cairo.Multilateral ism… Yes we can.

Barack Obama: Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2009…Yes we can.

Even though I agree to have been surprised with Obama’s selection, and agree that he hasn’t really done anything yet to be able to equal the numerous people awarded the Nobel for their lifetime of contribution, I cant help but sympathise with the Nobel selection Committee , ’cause haven’t they too voted for that hope that Obama signifies – the hope of a diverse yet united world working towards a better future? The hope that the impossible can yet be possible…that dialogue and diplomacy can take the place of aggression & war? The hope of a newly humble United States leading the world , together, towards a greener , safer tomorrow?

Maybe I am just an idealist..but well, thats the audacity of hope…


7 thoughts on “Yes we can…

  1. Looks like Kanna was in a hurry when he posted this comment.

    But yes, I am also torn on this issue and might disagree with you a bit. I dont think he deserved it. But yes, am sure that years down the line, it will seem appropriate 🙂

    1. I have not said I think he deserved it- rather why I think he has been given it..and put that way, I don’t seem to mind that much. And I am embarrassed at my typos..will correct tonight-thanks for telling me da.

      1. and yes, ignoring Gandhi is definitely a huge red mark on the Nobel Committee..he was shortlisted twice or thrice i guess but never got selected.And then they do not give the award never got one.

  2. 🙂 Hey Rads, love that you tried to find something good out of this fiasco…(the idealist that i am too!) but, i would have to say he does not deserve it yet.

    keep writing lady!

    1. Hey fellow idealist :)..the sad part of this whole fiasco is that its actually doing more harm than good to Obama’s already crumbling image,whether its home or abroad- after all he didn’t ask to be given the Nobel…I have to say I feel terribly bad for him!

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