Cafe’ Espresso’

There is a café called Espresso’ at Terminal 5 at Heathrow London. It’s a pretty little place, beautifully lit up. And they play soothing music and serve breakfast and wonderful coffee irrespective of the time of the day you find yourself stranded at the airport.

What are the chances of my being there for two consecutive Valentine’s Days with a lonely cup of coffee? Pretty slim I believe, since this café happens to be around 2 continents away from my apartment.
Last year, same day, same time, I ordered an Americano sitting over here and thinking how lovely it would be to here with Radhika. I remember ordering the coffee… and have pictures to prove it !
This place is exactly ‘our’ kind… those who know us would have no trouble understanding what that means…Soft music, dim lights, quiet, soothing, slow, excellent music and people minding their own business.

Interesting, the kind of things that Radhika and I share a love for. Trust me, the two of us are possibly among the two most differently opinionated couples you will come across. Some people have told us that we need to be more civil to each other… maybe they are right, but I would not have our relationship any other way than the way it is now. I mean, who needs a simpering wife who agrees with everything you have to say (ok ok, so you get it… I am usually not heard out around my house).
But yes, getting back to the things that we have in common…

We have exactly the same kind of ideas around what makes for a good time… and we like the same kind of books…and we love Broadway, and we love Goa, and really really love New York… and we positively detest it when either of us is not around to argue with. My job has a tendency to keep us apart more often than I would want to. And at the grand old age nearing thirty one, it does seem rather silly to tell my boss that I really don’t want to travel so much anymore since I miss my wife !

But miss her I do.

And in tune with this rather unabashedly sentimental embarrassing tribute to my wife, here is wishing you were here with me, Radhika. At this quaint little café with its little yellow lamps… with Norah Jones playing in the background and a pot of tea at our table. I know you would have loved it.

From a completely frozen over Heathrow airport…Happy Valentine’s Day all of you…


15 thoughts on “Cafe’ Espresso’

  1. Well who knows.. someday we will be there together (you know..on our way to New york 🙂 ) Happy Valentines’!

  2. ….that is why i always say you guys together make best couple……your next valentines day will not be alone……:)

  3. Hey Ashish, too bad that you two couldnt be together on valentines day. However looking at the positive side of things its this distance that makes one realize how much you miss your love. Radhika must be thrilled to receive this tribute from you.

  4. @ Renu… Thanks, I hope so too 🙂
    @Coretta: I knew you would be !
    @Radhika: Now that would be an expensive Valentines Day… but sounds like a plan 😛
    @Vivek: Thanks bhai ! Dur to tum bhi ho 😛
    @ Sonia: You read my blog ! Welcome and thanks for the comment…

  5. your common love for New York? Only because you haven’t seen Chicago yet. Ashish, maybe it’s not silly to tell your boss you want an assignment in Chicago? 🙂 Wishing you guys a great Valentine’s day on every day.

    1. Hey Sunanda, I did spend a pretty long while at Chicago during the summer of 2008 which was great… and then in the winter of 2009 which was mostly spent cocooned in my hotel room ! I loved the place 🙂 Are you at Chicago?
      And thanks for the wishes !


      1. I am close to Chicago. But I love the city. It has so much character and a great mix of old and new. 🙂

  6. Your discomfiture at being alone on that momentous day is highly regretted; however, it teaches you the value of companionship. It made an interesting reading. By the way’ the comments your blog generated made even more interesting reading.
    Do keep at it. Lage raho.
    Love, Mama

    1. Dear Mama, taken note of your comment. Will keep writing here as often as I can. I am glad you enjoyed the post, and even more so, that you left a comment !

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