Ramblings at 2 AM…

I have never been known to write poetry with any semblance of elegance… please be kind 🙂

I waited with bated breath, for the moment to pass me by
Untouched and unnoticed… tip toeing… on the sly
Smiling knowingly, I wave in its wake
Who needs secrets anyways…

A life left behind, and a life yet to live
Of what I received and what I have to give
Balancing one while the other walks away
Who needs equations anyway…

Pointless journeys and meaningful rests
Constant scurrying from east to west
Missing the monsoons on a sunny day
Who needs day dreams anyway …

A girl I love, and a love fulfilled
Smiles and laughter, and tear drops spilt
Tart and sweet, a marriage is made
Who needs to be alone anyway …


15 thoughts on “Ramblings at 2 AM…

  1. A marriage is made, a friendship grows
    Some fun, some love, fights & tantrum throws
    Where do we go from here I know not; pray
    who needs the future told anyway?

    Far away now, together later
    Better this way, or the latter?
    All I know is that life is too short,
    Who needs jobs anyway?
    🙂 🙂


    1. Ha !

      There are bills to pay, and food to eat
      and a whole lot of expectations we need to meet
      With a drink in hand and the lights dimmed out
      Who needs to be perfect anyway ?



      1. Well life’s like that, what can I say
        At least you have me here to stay
        For who else ‘d help you ramble away
        You do need me, anyway!!!

        Ha Ha!


  2. Ashish….I do like this. You really go into great depths with your thinking. It makes me think, when I read your thinking. You do have a talent there.
    One thing I have to mention, I survive every day with daydreams. (smile)

    1. Lonnie, glad you liked it. I guess day dreaming is what keep a lot of us going a lot of times 🙂


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