Brothers & Sisters

Arguments. Games. Grappling on the floor. Insults. Secrets. Humour.Tease.Laughs. Scheming against mom n dad. Confidences. Conversations. Shared dreams. Fights.Goofing off…

Doesn’t the mention of your brother or sister bring all of this to mind & more?

My brother & I have a special thing. I mean, wouldn’t you, if you had walked him, when he was but a lil baby & would grab your finger with complete trust ? Or the way he would follow you like a shadow wherever you went & not allow you a single moment alone with your friends? Remember the time during a Raksha Bandhan long ago when he gave you 1 Re as a gift , that too borrowed from dad? Or that time when you & he travelled all by yourselves on the train?

When you recorded songs together & couldn’t stop laughing ? When you could bully him into submission when he was little? And then you couldn’t really risk it anymore once he grew up to be bigger than you ? What about the time you broke the news of your intention to marry a non Tam Brahm, the first in the family to know? The times you shared your excitement about a new book or a movie? When you made up nonsensical stories together? When you simply talked nonsense which only the both of you could understand?

All this & more I share with my brother…. Now that he s been here for an all too brief two weeks , am amazed that its actually been almost ten years since we lived in the same house together. Growing up does have its side effects…

But then it does have its advantages too …as you gradually grow into a relationship based on more than just silly arguments…where you can be friends more than siblings, and where he suddenly  overwhelms  you with his grown up ness . I remember we had a pact in childhood – that no matter what happens or how much time passes or however far away we might be – we will never let anything come between us….I hope!

Today he is done with his student days & about to embark on his career , and I cannot but feel immensely proud of him.  All the best da…. (and remember to keep the dollars flowing in… especially since I have eulogised you in public 🙂 )

I really must thank my parents for having the courage to have a second child even after having me  🙂 Otherwise, I never would have known & shared all the quirky & wonderful memories  I share with him.

Siblings are the best, aren’t they?


9 thoughts on “Brothers & Sisters

  1. Very beautifully written.sensitive, yet has a fun sentence in it .I cried after reading the blog.

  2. too touchy to see siblings relationship that i could not control my feelings.
    best wishes for keeping this relationship for ever.

  3. very nicely said…this will be cherished forever..and should remain the same between any two siblings…

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