The Bridge Across Forever

Dawn’s peaceful, luminous blue,
Intensified with the day
As did happiness,
White puffs of delight,
Joy overflowing.
Until sunset
Wrapped us in tender pink,
And we fused in a
Passionate magenta goodbye,
Earth-soul and Cosmic-soul
Bursting with beauty.

When night came
A baby moon
Laughed sideways in the dark.
I laughed back
And thought:

Partway across the world
Your sky
Is filled with this same
Golden laughter,
And hoped that you,
Twinkling Blue eyes,
Saw and heard,

So that somehow we three
Were joined in our gladness,
Each in our own space,
Together apart,
Distance meaningless.

And I slept
In a world
Full of smiles.

( From Richard Bach’s The bridge across forever)


Yan can cook, & so can dad!

OK. Let me admit it – Cooking & I are NOT friends. Well not as bad as a Harry Potter- Draco Malfoy feud , I would say more like a Tom & Jerry – my relationship with cooking having a fair share of struggles, chasing & racing ( against time – aren’t the guests early? ), shortcuts, injuries, mishaps – You get the picture! I am a hatchling in a field where my mom & my father-in-law are veterans, my in-laws all enthusiastic foodies, my friends confident cooks in their own right and the worst of all – my HUSBAND who is one of the most intuitive & innovative cooks that I know of ( I rarely tell him this though – mostly I call him an arrogant Know-it-All ) Among this formidable group, it was only my dad who gave me much needed comfort ( My brother doesn’t even count in this category) – the number of times he has entered the kitchen to cook can be counted on my fingers. Now imagine my surprise when he told me, in all seriousness mind you, that he is going to give mom a rest & take up cooking after his all-too-near impending retirement. Ha! was my first reaction and one that turned to resignation & now to amused curiosity as appa continues to spread news of his intended occupation. I mean, the closest he has come to cooking (except for the time when ma wasn’t there and he used to make yummy aloo kai and passable kozhumbu-rasam 🙂 ) is procuring recipes & tips from various sources & prod ma to escape the shackles of her heritage cooking! ( She has borne it stoically all these years) Of course, nowadays, as a prelude to his taking up full time cooking, he has perfected the recipe for his own brand of Cinnamon Tea! ( Here, I must say, it is quite good) So, am I going to have to add him to my formidable list? Maybe I could teach him a thing or two? (!) Whatever happens – appa’s trials in the kitchen will definitely be something to look forward to. Who knows- maybe the two of us novices together can give the veterans a run for their – shall we say, kadhais in this case? Ma- are you listening?

Marriage…why! … written on February 23, 2005

What is marriage….is it a longlasting commitment to another person…is it a social requisite after one acquires a certain age…is it a security blanket for life… various things to various people. Also…is marriage really necessary: Going beyond what the neighbours next door will say for a moment…lets think…is it really necessary…maybe not is it, atleast not the way it is socially defined.I think its perfectly ok to live with my fiance had it not been for my parents (I dont think he will agree to it though:)
Most people will think I am mad.They will say its the age.Shake their heads at the “young gen”.My mom would think i just want to rebel, to be ‘different’.Even my friends would find it blasphemous.
That is what i find a bit tough to understand.Marriage, to me, is a deeply personal thing.My idea of a perfect marriage is a quick function solemnising the marital status supported by very close family & friends. Simple, straightforward & practical.Quick & inexpensive.Probably thats because the ceremony itself is not very important to me, but what comes beyond. …We seem to have made a practice of hailing the birth more than the life itself…

I am getting married this June.I am going to marry my batchmate,my friend, my love. Right now, I seem to only be involved in perfectly pointless arguments about my hairdo during the ceremony, the timing-the food-the dress- the ritual- the guests…its never ending.Especially if the guy is from a different community. And has different views on everything from SRK to alcohol:) There are fights between us in the family.THere are fights between my fiance and me.Is this what i want : no!Why should all these decidedly inconsequential things take precedence over the fact that I am going to get to live with the person i love the most in life…and be able to share my life,my love,my dreams with him …

We seem to have mastered the art of impracticality so much so that to be practical, is to be impractical.To be realistic,actually, is to be idealistic. Am i being idealistic…..i dont know…

But then what does one do: there must surely be people out there who feel like i do…but in the end you give in to what your mom and your dad and your fiance want because you love them so much…
After all, if this ceremony isnt so important to me in the first place, I shouldnt fuss about how its done right!So this is what i am doing..or atleast trying to do…

Here’s to a new beginnning..literally!

Time Pass .. written on December 11, 2004

I always used to think that blogging was what worthless loafers or internet junkies or bored IT professionals used to resort to…..I added the last category, coz it was my fiance who introduced me to the same,and he is in one of those seriously high flying IT jobs with an awe inspiring designation that mystifies you completely as to the actual nature of the job.(Now i know wat he does 🙂 anyway i read his entries, and found that it could actually be an interesting thing to try out.So, here i am, making my first attempt at writing a blog! i wonder what prompts people to write blogs…I mean do all bloggers feel that they have something of great import to convey to the world?( I should stop right now if so !) I don’t really write regularly even though i like to…nor do i maintain a diary…i simply put down words as and when i feel like on whatever i can get my hands on at that moment- the last page of an economics notebook , a scrap of paper, whatever.Somehow a blog could never contain one of those spontaneous off-the-cuff thoughts that cloud your brain and refuse to go until you pen it down,can it? A blog is more of a write-to-let-it-out thing, an examination of inconsequential things that happen in your daily life.Or is it?Is there a feeling of release that you derive from it?After all i am simply a first-time blogger.
It seems blog is actually derived from weB Log.It also apparently is going to be added to the Oxford & websters dictionaries by the year 2005, probably alongwith CTM (Chicken Tikka Masala… really !)
This is enough for a first entry i think…(i can hear whoops of joy!) until next time…(ha!)