About Us !

We visited Goa for the first time together in 2005, and fell in love with everything the place had to offer. We decided that before we are through with this world, we should have a house at Goa.

Improbable a wish it might be but then, whats a wish if it is not a little bit unachievable.

Sussegad, a word often used to describe the Goan way of life… a laid back peaceful existence, where the unhurried pace of life gives one enough time to make the most of every passing moment…

We both agree that the word described pretty much what we would wish for in life, so it seemed apt that our first shared space on the Internet should be named just that… Sussegad

So here it is, a slice of our life, four years into our marriage, and seven years into our friendship, a new beginning all over again ! Do join us, it seems like a fun trip to be on !


5 thoughts on “About Us !

    1. Do not have your email- hope u are checking this. We will ne in NY on 13th and not 14th as I said. If possible call on my no.

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