180 Nights and 180 Days….

So its final… clear as shining star on a summer night, as inevitable as a daydream… marriage. six months from now I will let go of the only way of life i have known till now. and suddenly…. its a pretty sobering thought.
Marriage, does that take away your license to have fun at the drop of a hat. Or does it make you more….. responsible. Or does it guarantee you a constant companion for the rest of your life; whether you like it or not I might add.
So does the notion of waking up in a room clutterred with beer bottles, ash trays, used paper plates and empty savory bowls suddenly become unaccpetable overnight. Or does a night with the guys and the bottle become a taboo. Whatever… the point is like that people do get married … and some of them seem to really enjoy it as well. So here is hoping that I manage to land up among those lucky ones… Amen !!


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