Favorite movies…

Ok ok ok… maybe I come from a generation which considered it intellectually inferior to watch too many movies. But come on… there are too many good movies floating around to escape having some favorites!
well I love those old musicals…. of the genre of “The Sound of Music” and “My Fair Lady” or maybe “Casablanca”.
Another movie.. made sometime in the 1970s called “Hello Dolly” is also one of the movies that I have probably watched a zillion times.
Talking about movies.. any movie with Julia Roberts is always a sure hit with me. Agreed though that she is not the best actress around but she definitely is the most charming. “My Best Friends Wedding”, “Mona Lisa Smile” and of course ” Pretty Woman”. There is something infectious about the way she laughs…. reminds me so much of someone I know (guess its an open secret who)….
They once made a movie call…. “Thoda Sa Roomani ho Jaye”…. most people will not recall the movie.. well it had been an atempted musical from NFDC. Had an excellent sequence with Nana Patekar… when he describes the rhymes and reasons for ‘Water’
Descriptions… words .. probably leave the most lasting of memories on my mind. The way Higgins describes the English language in “My Fair Lady” or Mel Gibsons ending sequence in “The Patriot”….
Well here is an opinion for whatever its worth… Heroes seem great on screen because whatever they say with passion seems to be heard by ever character around them with considerable belief and respect. While when we say the right, logical, rational things… no one really bothers around us. So, the guy on the screen inspires and awe… though honestly.. I am yet to meet many people who can make me feel similarly in real life………
But there had been one…. We used to call him ‘Baap’ at SCMHRD


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