A Farewell…

This one goes a bit away from the run-of-the-mill stuff I generally write over here. Its been 4 months since I joined my current project. Perhaps it needs to be mentioned that it is also my first…
So there I was, hesitantly setting up my desktop. a bit wary of asking favors from strangers. then suddenly out pops a face from behind my Cubicle wall. A round face, round specs and a long long braid …..and a bindi firmly afixed in the center of her forehead.
“Ashish, will you please join us for our project party today?”
Madhumita, our track lead… the backup project manager and the uncrowned Quality queen for our division. And thus, I too joined a score of other people working with and under Madhumita. Over a period of time… I learnt whatever I know about my job till date from her. Admired and took inspiration from the quality and quantity of her work. And now that she resigns from our company and moves ahead with her life…. I wish her all the best and say a heartfelt “Thank You Madhumita”!!


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