A dusty old City… Kebabs and Henna tipped fingers

i was born in allahabad, an ancient town at the confluence of two of the mightiest rivers in northern india… the Ganges and the Yamuna. however, i was brought up in one of the last bastions of Nawabi culture in India… Lucknow.
Lucknow… the name itself invokes memories of lanes and bylanes. shops piled high with fruits… crowded market places and evenings filled with the smell of spices and flowers. Lucknow…a city that forgot to move ahead with time. Dusty and grimy… and so totally laidback.
to me the most exciting aspect of Lucknow had always been the eateries… and there had been so many in number. till date i am yet to get over my facination for Seekh Kebabs glistening in coal fires, Golden Parathas, steaming Kormas and aromatic Pulaos.

Shopping in Lucknow is not a routine activity… in fact it is one of the major sources of cheap entertainment. Muslim women in hijabs of various shades of Blue, Black and white can be seen haggling with Pujabi shopkeepers. only their eyes visible through the veil….. agitated, angry bright with passion. occasionally, a hand with henna tipped fingers would emerge from the swathes of cloth and examine the ware.
Lucknow… its been 6 years since i left the city for my studies. yet, i yearn for the relaxed lifestyle so common in that city


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