There is always a first time…

there is always a first time dont you think? something as romantic as a first kiss….or as mudane as the first haircut. Mundane did i say? well “First” of anything is never unaccompanied by excitement. Halt!! think of something that you did for the first time and were not excited by the thought… or maybe just a bit nervous. whatever it was… it could just never be mundane. so here i am… a bit excited and a bit nervous… with my first ever attempt at a Blog. I am Ashish… a consultant in one of India’s leading IT companies (anyway there are too many of them floating around now). just felt like talking a bit…… hence this blog. some great guy said…. The coolest things in life are what others say you cannot do… i think writing stuff which someone will wanna read is one of them. till next time tata


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